Business Trend Analysis & Valuation

The Trends Tell the Story. Are you ready to launch your BTA?

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Why Business Trend Analysis?

Business Trend Analysis (BTA) is a powerful online tool that decodes a business’s financial statements and provides actionable insights about performance trends. Combined with industry benchmarks, the BTA unlocks the powerful data that is otherwise “hidden” in the financial statements.


I’m a Business Owner

Your financial statements include valuable insights about the health of your business. See what your trends can tell you about your company’s performance, risks and opportunities.

Explore the benefits

““Even though I don’t plan to sell my business for at least 3 years, the BTA has really helped me think about my business as an investment and not just my job. It’s just what I needed to take a step back and look at what areas I need to focus on to start making my business more attractive to a buyer when the time is right.”
–Gary T. Business Owner


See How the BTA Works

Want to see how the BTA helps peel back the layers of a business to provide unique, actionable insights? Click GO to see how the secure BTA portal works.



I’m a Business Advisor

Your business owner clients are looking for ways to understand and unlock the value in their business. The first step is to understand their financial trends and how the company’s performance benchmarks against their peers.

Explore the benefits

“The BTA has been invaluable to helping me build credibility and trust with my business owner clients. The fact that I can take their financial statements and turn them into a valuable discussion that no one else is having with them. This helps set me apart from my competition and add genuine value to my clients.”
— Chris F. Business Advisor

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